Friday, October 4, 2013

Show Me Your True Colors #retroplaidurday

Today's the big day! I actually haven't left the house yet, but when I do, trust that I will be stepping out in some fabulous plaid. Show me your looks below.

UPDATE: I wasn't able to get outfit photos until late in the evening, but I got them! I know I just showed this dress on the blog, but it's the only plaid I own that's not wool. Yesterday was 80 degrees so there was no way I was going to wear wool. Here's how I restyled it:

1950s shirtwaist - Wildfell Hall on Etsy
Belt - taken from another 50s dress
1950s sweater clips - Etsy
Sweater - Nordstrom
Bakelite earrings - Etsy
Cat - mine

That's my cat just sort of hanging out at the bottom of the frame. Hi, kitty!

Anywho, so I took the belt from this dress so that I could wear the belt that actually came with the plaid dress as a hair bow.

What did you wear for Plaidurday


  1. How appropriate is it that even your profile photo is sporting plaid. Love it!

  2. You are gorgeous. Love the pop of purple you added. :)
    Here's my #plaidurday post...It's got a modern twist - hope that's ok. :)

  3. Sorry, no plaid batadecasas. ; ) I like the way you restyled your plaid dress; classy and cute. BB2u


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