Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday Man Candy (on Tuesday): Jeff Richards

Candy is still good the next day? That's what I'm telling myself since I'm late with Monday Man Candy. My apologies, ladies! But I think you'll admit he was worth the wait.

I spent my Saturday night on the couch with Turner Classic Movies and bottle of Bacardi. I watched The Women, an amazing movie, and the not-so-amazing musical remake of that movie, The Opposite Sex. Just about the only good thing to come out of that movie was the dreamy Jeff Richards, who played Buck Winston.

Buck Winston is a handsome ranch hand/cowboy who marries the Countess de Lave all of five minutes after her fourth divorce. He then cheats on her with Crystal, the man-trap that steals the man character's husband. The beauty of The Women is all the men are off screen. In The Opposite Sex, they're actually there and lucky for us, too, because he's kind of the only good thing about the movie.

Jeff Richards signed with Paramount after World War II and was billed as a handsome, rugged man who was good for John Wayne-type roles. And, I mean, look at him. Who wouldn't want to saddle up for this cowboy (I'm sorry, Mom). But he also had a chance to do the song and dance thing in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
The man had talent. He wasn't just a gorgeous film, he retired from acting and stayed on as a set carpenter. Look at him being all good with his hands.
So. Who do you want for next week's Monday Man Candy? It's reader's choice. I've heard votes for Clark Gable, Paul Newman and a couple others.


  1. Yummy! I think candy is even sweeter the second day;) . I might have to curl up with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers this week. I love the singing and dancing. :)

  2. Can't figure out why he didn't have a bigger career. He sure was plenty pretty enough.

  3. I love how you introduce actors from past decades each week. Gurl, I am going to have to catch up with what you have written over the past several years. Candy Barr


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