Monday, November 4, 2013

New! Monday Man Candy

I love pinups a much as the next girl, but I still have a soft spot for matinee idols, lounge lizards, greasers and the other beautiful men of yesterdays. So instead of Music Mondays, I'm instating Monday Man Candy. You're welcome.

The first man up is kind of a no-brainer: Marlon Brando.

I mean, is a bio even necessary? He was an amazing actor, and yes, he got scarily fat and jowly as an older man, but look, nobody's perfect, but young Brando came pretty damn close.

Because a man's got to stay in tip-top shape.

So pensive, so muscular! Very working class hero. I die.

Who do you want for next week's Monday Man Candy? Tweet me @itsdlovely with #mondaymancandy.


  1. I love this post theme--great idea!

  2. Love this new feature! What a fun way to start the week :)

  3. My vote for next week- Gary Cooper. oh yum.

  4. O M G I was in loveeeeeeeee with Marlon Brando for many years. My favorite scene is when he comes home in Streetcar Named Desire and chows down on a piece of fruit while staring Stella down. CLASSIC!

  5. My vote next week is for Mr. Tony Curtis!


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