Friday, November 8, 2013

Retrofit: All Business In Jantzen

Last week, I was feeling fancy, I guess. So I got all dolled up in my Jantzen vest and skirt set that I bought from Jill at Adeline's Attic for no good reason other than to go to work. I work in an office without a dress code so sometimes I go to work looking like I've gotten lost in the wrong business.

 Stockings, garter belt, slip...I did the whole thing, just for shits and giggles. After work, I was like, what a shame! I have no one to take me for a drink so I can show off this outfit. I just came straight home, though.

Vintage faux pearl bracelet. My roommate took this super artsy photo
Incidentally, Jill is running a giveaway on her blog for a credit to her Etsy shop. I definitely want to win it, but I suppose I can let you guys in on the secret. Head on over to her blog to win!


  1. I like your outfit, it looks good on you!!

  2. i love your outfit! the red looks great on you


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