Monday, November 25, 2013

The Dapperest Men in New York at the National Arts Club

Last Monday, I got to go to a reception at the National Arts Club for I Am Dandy, a beautiful book with photos by Rose Callahan and essays by Nathaniel "Natty" Adams. The two got together to profile images of men who out-dress the average dude on a regular day. These are men with such a particular, amazing approach to style (often vintage but not necessarily) that they incorporate into their everyday lives. Some work in fashion but most don't, about a third are gay and the dandies come in a range of ages from men in their late twenties to men into their seventies.

It was one of those fun peacock parties where everyone's dressed their very best. Tons of wonderful outfits, but I'll admit to being a bad blogger; there were so many people to talk to and so much gin flowing, I didn't take nearly enough pictures. Here's what I have:

Three of Rose's amazing photograph (cluck to enlarge).

This dapper lady was very much in the spirit of things with her incredible hat.

Portrait of David Zyla, who I hope is okay with my calling him a friend and mentor. He's head of the NAC's Fashion Committee and is generally wonderful.

Dandy Wellington is signing his feature in the book because he is famous.

If you want to see more of Rose's work, check out her blog The Dandy Portraits.

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