Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Man Candy: Clark Gable

After a week off for The Diviners giveaway (which I've extended til Friday, so go enter) I'm back with more sweetness for Monday Man Candy. I asked you guys who you wanted to see and a couple of you said Gable. I say, good choice.

Clark Gable is the ultimate Hollywood Golden Age icon, a matinee idol with serious acting chops and a scandalous life off screen to boot. The man made over 60 pictures in his life and still found time to get married five times and have a whole bunch of affairs.

But can you blame those ladies? Who else has ever pulled off this teeny tiny mustache in such a wonderful way? But he looks really great without it, too.

Lest his hotness obscure his incredible career, I've added this nifty video from about his life and his great love for Carole Lombard, first third wife.

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