Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Man Candy: Errol Flynn

About a month ago, I watched a sort of weird movie called The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939). It starred Bette Davis playing a very fidgety, very pale Queen Elizabeth and Errol Flynn playing the queen's real-life love interest, Earl of Essex. The movie was meh, but it thankfully offered all kinds of gorgeous closeups of Flynn. One look and I was in love.

The demanding Bette Davis supposedly didn't think he had any talent, but she agreed. She once said, “He was just beautiful, Errol.” Joan Crawford called him "the most beautiful man alive." You said it, ladies.

How does one properly capture the beauty that is Errol Flynn? He's equal parts boyish, handsome and sensual. It friging makes no sense.

Flynn was an Aussie, born in Tasmania, and applied the wild, lawless spirit of that country of convicts to his personal life. Let's be honest; the man was kind of a pervert. He had all kinds of affairs with women his own age and a few teenagers (yuck). His defense got him off some statutory rape charges, but only by telling the jury the two girls were a couple of sluts to begin with. It's said that just before his death he's been secretly engaged to a 15-year-old. You know that expression "in like Flynn"? It's named after him and I'm a lady so I won't say what it is one was getting into.

Flynn also drank and partied and dabbled in "narcotics" (thanks for the euphemism, Wikipedia). In summary, he was a huge creep in his personal life. But when you stare into those eyes--seriously, he glistens on screen--you can forgive it a little. Sometimes, he just looks like a choir boy, like in this picture:


During the early part of his Hollywood career, Flynn was typecast as a swashbuckler in period films, and a war hero in his later work. He just looks the part here, doesn't he?
Quick, someone make a sexy pirate joke!
He wasn't necessarily a heavy, dramatic actor, but he was plenty popular and did quite a number of great, popular films. Because why not? Look at him!

Who do you want to be next week's Monday Man Candy?

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  1. Agree totally.

    I think with Errol Flynn, the trick is to go in with your eyes wide open, understand what you're getting (and not getting), recognize you're probably not going to be treated especially well, and then say to yourself "Holy cow this is Errol Flynn."

    Oh, and buy a time machine. You'll need a time machine.


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