Friday, December 6, 2013

RED Burlesque Lipstick Review: I'm in Love

I'm such a big fan of burlesque that I stalk my favorite performers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But about a month ago, that turned into something very good for me; I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw that the lovely Calamity Chang had a lipstick created and named for her. That's incredible, I thought, and I had to know more. That's how I learned about (and fell in love with) RED Burlesque lipstick.

It's magical, really, and it's hard to see why no one thought of it before. RED Burlesque is a line of red lipsticks, just red. Every shade is created specially for a different burlesque performer who models the shade on the site. Best of all, they'll help you pick the perfect red if you send a message with your skin's tones (warm or cool) and how often you wear red lipstick, they'll respond with suggestions.

I messaged the head of RED Burlesque for some lipstick samples and let me say, I am in love with these lipsticks. I tweeted a few weeks ago that one of the shades in particular made me want to make out myself, and I think that's how you'll feel if you pick one of these sweeties up.

Based on the fact that my skin is warm and and I wear red lipstick almost every day but wouldn't mind having a sheer red for lay days, Adam and friends sent me lipsticks in Vicky Butterfly and Strawberry Siren.
Strawberry Siren, left, Vicky Butterfly, right

Vicky Butterfly is the sheer shade and it sort of shows up on my hand in the swatches, but on my face, it completely disappears. I swiped it all over my lips and I felt like I still couldn't see it.

I was hoping I would get the same effect as the real miss Vicky Butterfly, but no dice. But the lipstick goes on like a dream. It's really smooth and so, so moisturizing. I think it'd be great with a lip pencil, but by itself, it's just the teeniest, tiniest bit of color.

I'm sorry I didn't prep my skin. Yikes.

The Strawberry Siren lipstick, however, was such a treat. I put it on and was like, God, yes! It's creamy and delicious. The color is rich and it lasts forever. With something this rich and pigmented, I recommend you aren't sloppy like I was in my haste to take this picture for the blog and actually use a primer. You probably won't have a matching lip liner, but make it work by using a lip brush to line your lips this way.

Strawberry Siren is what I like to think of as femme fatale lipstick, a shade that's a little too sexy for daytime, I think. I would absolutely buy these lipsticks. And since I'm about to run out of my usual lipstick, MAC Red, I might go shopping again. 

A note: priced at $30 each, these lipsticks are definitely luxury items. But the way they feel and look makes it worth the splurge.

Check back for a Q&A with the creator and CEO of RED Burlesque, Adam Coutts.


  1. What a sweet review!! I love Strawberry Siren too! Wear it on and off stage all the time.

  2. That color looks great on you! I wear red lipstick pretty much every day but it's hard to find one that's perfect. I also have natural color in my lips so sheer stuff looks pretty much like Chapstick so I have to go full force if I want red lips. I will check these out!


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