Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet Ann, the Second Mastermind of Blue Ribbon Bombshells

Yesterday, I introduced you guys to Andrea, who's the organizer of the Blue Ribbon Bombshells event. It's a pinup contest held every July as part of a car show and rockabilly weekender in Wisconsin. Now, it's Ann's turn. Ann Brottlund is a firefighter (amazing!) and best friends with Andrea.

I love how both ladies stress the fact that Blue Ribbon Bombshells and similar organizations are communities that are about making women feel good. It's not about being prettier than another person; it's about feeling your prettiest and getting the confidence to put yourself out there. Well done, ladies!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet the Beauty (and Brains!) behind the Blue Ribbon Bombshells: Andrea

Most women are still girls that love to play dress up, at least in some capacity. So when I heard about the Blue Ribbon Bombshells pin-up contest, I really wanted to put on something cheesecake-y and have fun with it. The Blue Ribbon Bombshell pageant is the contest that happens during the Blue Ribbon Beer Run, a car show and rockabilly weekender at the Pabst Blue Ribbon factory. I couldn't make it to Wisconsin this July for the contest, but I talked to organizer Andrea Maleu about both the main event and running the community (complete with photo contests) year round. See what she has to say about cars, the contest, and what every pinup needs in her arsenal.

Stay tuned for the Q&A with Andrea's partner in crime, Ann!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Music Monday: Such a Night (1962), plus an Outfit

Friday before last, I went to Rebel Night, a monthly rockabilly night here in New York, and I got a chance to wear a fabulous new skirt. But first, the song:

Such a Night by Vince Everett, 1962

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Sunny Jazz Age Lawn Party

This Saturday, I went to the Jazz Age Lawn Party for the third time. It's something I've come to look forward to and really plan for. If you don't know, the Jazz Age Lawn Party is a fabulous 20s-themed picnic on Governors Island that happens twice every summer. It's absolutely beautiful, like you've traveled for hours outside of the city to this beautiful green space but then you look up and see the amazing skyline. Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra and other great acts play songs from the period. They set up a big wooden dance floor right on the lawn for all the dancers. Food and vintage vendors, including one of my favorites Wildfell Hall Vintage, set up their wares. And with cocktails from St. Germain, what more can you really ask for?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Femme Fatale Lipstick

Over at Independent Fashion Bloggers, they're asking everyone to share their favorite lipstick with the group. Which is great because I've been wearing a wonderful lipstick I haven't written about yet It's darker than my normal red (MAC Red) so I like to think of it as a femme fatale shade. You know, more Ava Gardner than Doris Day. I wear it almost exclusively at night.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"I Love Lucy" Dress Went for $168K--and I Have One That Looks Just Like It!

via Daily Mail

The sweet polka dot dress Lucille Ball wore in "I Love Lucy" made its way to auction this week and while the organizers were sure it would fetch a good price, it was more than they expected. They thought, "Oh, we're sure the dress will go for somewhere between $40,000 and $60,000, which is chump change, obviously." But then some insane collector went and bought the dress for $168,000. Thinking about my yearly salary in comparison to the winning big makes me really, really sad.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Burlesque Blitz Bootyliciousness, Part 2: Va-Va Voom Vaudeville

I don't want you thinking the Summer Burlesque Blitz was all naughty man-junk shaking. My newest burlesque girl crush Kita St. Cyr produced a nice show with some big names and the next day I got treated to some great vaudeville.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Burlesque Blitz Bootyliciousness, Part 1 (slightly NSFW)

The week before last, I went to four shows that were part of the Summer Burlesque Blitz, a four-day burlesque festival featuring a lot of impressive stars from the New York burlesque scene (including ones that have performed all over the world!).

First up was Kiki's Paper Dolls in Midsummer Night's Muses. I have no pictures of this show, nor of my outfit, but I realized very quickly I was way overdressed. I wore a black wrap dress to a teeny black box theater. Still, burlesque shows are best in small intimate spaces so it was fine.