Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Are Era-Themed Parties Racist? It's Complicated

My dear friend posted to a comic and essay on his Facebook page originally posted on Empathize This. Here's the original comic:

The anonymous author writes,

"When white people say they are throwing a “1920s themed party,” they’re really saying: “Dress like a white person in the 1920s.” If I showed up the way my ancestors dressed at the time, you would think I missed the memo. 
Which is fine, I guess. But I really don’t think they understand that parties like this can get awkward — specially if I’m the only person who isn’t white."

Thursday, December 18, 2014

7 Best Christmas Albums

Just a week until Christmas, which means my epic Christmas playlist, weighing in a mammoth 7 hours and 50 minutes, is just about all the music I'm playing. So I thought I would share my top 7 Christmas albums, and it's no surprise that most of them are skew toward the old.

Which Christmas albums did I miss?

Christmas with the Puppini Sisters
I downloaded this album three years ago and it makes me so happy to listen to it every year. A close harmony group from the UK, the Puppini Sisters add something fun and expected to holiday classics you thought would never be new again.
Favorite track: This incredible New Orleans jazz rendition of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas".

Friday, December 12, 2014

Retrofit: Cashmere and Mink on the Highline

A couple weeks ago, when it wasn't too brutally cold, I took a nice long walk along the High Line. The High Line, for my readers outside of New York, is a park built on an old section of elevated train tracks on the west side of Manhattan from about 14th Street up to 34th Street. You get gorgeous views of New Jersey and all the neighborhoods below.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Pop-o-matic Deluxe Guide to a Vintage Christmas in New York

Those who know me know that I am nuts about Christmas. Christmas is my Super Bowl and my Olympics. It's a time of baking, cooking, cocktailing, crafting and whatever else and I love it. I just haven't grown out of the magic that makes this a time worth celebrating. And Christmas in New York City is truly special. But after you've seen the department store windows, there are still so many vintage-inspired, kitschy, fun and naked ways to celebrate the season. Here are my picks.

Friday, December 5, 2014

"Viva Las Vegas" 50th Anniversary Screening

After I got back from Viva, I set up a Google alert for "Viva Las Vegas" so I could see everyone's photos and blog posts. But as I kept opening these emails, I kept seeing all these things about the movie starring Elvis and Ann-Margaret. Turns out, 2014 is the 50th anniversary of the movie.

So what do you do with this kind of milestone? You throw a screening!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Femme Fatale Guide to Style

I'm so sorry to have been away for so long. But you know what they say--time flies when your life is going to hell. Anywho, on the very last day of Noirvember, I'm squeezing in one last post.

So much ink has been spilled about the wardrobe choices of our favorite femme fatales and rightfully so. Their dress can be a weapon or a means of disguise. And even though they tend to leave a destruction in their paths, they're so fabulous, you can sort of forgive them.They have so much to teach us, so I'm compiling it here. Take note, ladies!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Reading the Movies, #Noirvember Edition: "Strangers on a Train"

My life has gotten crazy lately, what with working long hours and social engagement. But I am getting serious about updating because it's Noirvember again and I'm excited. Noirvember, in case the punny name doesn't make it obvious, is the month-long celebration of film noir, started by some of the most active members in the TCM Party community.

I'm especially excited I get to combine my Noirvember posts with another feature I started a little while ago on the blog called "Reading the Movies". The film noir canon is full of movies based on pulp novels.

I was actually really surprised to find a copy of "Strangers on a Train" on a stoop sale table last month. I had no idea this Hitchcock gem was originally a book! Written in 1950 by author Patricia Highsmith, who also wrote "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Strangers" was adapted for film almost as soon as the book was published. The premise of both the novel and the film is two men meet on a train and one of them says hey, we both have people in our lives we hate! If we "trade" our murders, they'll never find out because there won't be an obvious motive! The murders would be Guy's greedy, cheating wife Miriam who refuses to give him the divorce that would let him marry his gorgeous society fiancee and Bruno's allegedly abusive father. This obviously unravels pretty quickly.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Best OId Hollywood Costume I've Ever Seen

Last Friday, as I was preparing for my own Halloween celebration with Los Straitjackets (I got to dance on stage, you guys!), I saw the saddest Marilyn Monroe costume. The girl's flattened wig was knocked askew, her dress was far too long, and for God's sake, she was wearing flats. It was sad.

Here's something not sad at all: my amazing friend Kirin dressed as Buster Keaton. She put together the look for shits and giggles on her Tumblr a while back:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cheesecake with a Kick: Artist Rich Simmons

This Sunday when I was walking with my friend, this amazing piece caught my eye in the window of the SoHo Contemporary Art Gallery:

A photo posted by Desiree (@itsdlovely) on

Of course I had to go in and I'm so glad I did.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My New England Shake-up Haul

I've never really done a haul post before because I tend not to buy a bunch of stuff at once. But when I went to the New England Shake-up about a month ago, I have to say, I did pretty well at the shops, especially at the car show. I thought I'd buy one big thing--probably a pair of Freddie's of Pinewood jeans--but I never found a pair in my size and I ended up with a bunch of small things:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What? Someone Interviewed Me!

As a journalist and general nosy person, I'm used to asking people questions about themselves and not having to talk too much about myself. But a day or two after the New England Shake-up, I got a message from Meghan at Red Rocket Designs, asking me if you could interview me for her blog! We didn't actually meet at the Shake-up but she said she'd seen me and was really curious about me. I was incredibly flattered, and a little confused, because I don't know how interesting I am, but I agreed. I did my best to keep my answers short, but I think I may have been a little long-winded.

Read the interview here and check out Meghan's Etsy store--she also does customer orders!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tartan and Tipples! (Photos)

Last Friday, I threw the site's first ever party, a happy hour in honor of Plaidurday. I found out about the The Worldwide Celebration of Plaid, and thought it would be such a fun thing to build an event around. When I stumbled across The Dressing Room (can't believe I didn't know about this place before) I knew this had to be the place. Boutique, bar and screening room all under one roof! Absolutely gorgeous. A big thanks to Alex and the staff of the Dressing Room for being so accommodating. If you're on the Lower East Side, I highly recommend this spot!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The New England Shake-Up Shook Me Good

At sort of the last minute (three weeks before) I decided I was going to go to the New England Shake-Up. It's only in it's second year but Beck, the woman who organizes it, managed to get together a lot of great bands for her weekender. That's a pretty big deal, since it happens in the middle of nowhere, Massachusetts.

I didn't do a great job documenting my trip, at least not with my real camera. But I Instagrammed a a bunch.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tartan & Tipples, a Retro Plaidurday Celebration

click to enlarge

For the very first time, I'm taking my blog offline, in a way. I'm inviting you all to celebrate Plaidurday with me this Friday at The Dressing Room Bar & Boutique. Please wear your favorite vintage or vintage-inspired plaid for discounts on cocktails! If things get really good, we might move a table or two for some dancing.

For more information (and to invite your friends!), check out the Facebook event. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Retrofit: In Which I Mix Prints

As much as I love color, I don't always feel super confident when mixing them. I've been known to text friends the odd photo of a color combination I'm not sure about, and they almost tell me it's OK. So maybe it's more a matter of trusting my gut.

That's what I did weekend before last when I went to a gorgeous brunch event at Sonny's Soda Shoppe at the Mondrian Soho hotel. The rooftop space is inspired by a 1950s Italian beach club. I am 100% here for that. The weather was perfect at the view was incredible.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Who Should It Be?

tarting last year, I've been sharing photos and awestruck, slightly inappropriate commentary about the heartthrobs of yesteryear on a somewhat weekly basis. The moody rebels like Brando and Dean; the clean-cut gents like Gene Kelly or Cary Grant, It's been a treat writing these, but now, I confess, I'm a bit stuck. Of all the matinee idols and swoon-worthy superstars, there must be someone I'm missing!

So, it's up to you. Who would you like to see for next week's Monday Man Candy?

Friday, September 19, 2014

The New Book "Women in Clothes" & Vintage Collectors

A couple weeks ago, my friend was kind enough to send me the link to this NPR segment on the new book "Women in Clothes". The brick, weighing in at 515 pages, is a collection of essays and images about, well, women and their clothes. The authors asked subjects to fill out questionnaires about their clothes to understand why garments are more than just things that protect us from the elements.

Plenty of people don't believe clothes are actually that important, or ashamed that they do find them important. Writes Jacki Lyden for NPR, "Fashion critic Kennedy Fraser once wrote in The New Yorker that the act of donning a garment can seem almost furtive or trivial, something beneath debate or intellectual content." That's so true and that idea is a little sexist. I believe I read on the amazing blog Threadbared a couple years ago that it's problematic for fashion to be written off as frivolous and empty when it's largely the province of women; it's like saying women and their interests are just not important.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Ricardo Montalban

It's late--so late it's almost no longer Monday--but please enjoy this latest edition of Monday Man Candy anyway. I think this one is especially delicious. Ladies and gentlemen, Ricardo Montalban. Ay dios mio, que rico este hombre.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cardigan Clips, a (Sweater) Girl's Best Friend

This post first appeared on the Vintage Bulletin

Today was muggy and uncomfortable but earlier this week I felt fall sneaking up on me. I can't say that I'm thrilled.

I don't love cold weather but I do love sweaters. And not only do I love sweaters, I love sweater clips. Also called cardigan clips and sweater guards, they're both handy and stylish. Some are pretty simple:

available on Etsy
Some get crazy-fancy.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Gene Kelly

Hope your sweet tooth is ready because it's time for another Monday Man Candy! After basking in the strong, continental beauty of Omar Sharif, I'd like to turn our attention to the boyish charm of Gene Kelly.

Gene was no twee matinee idol, mind you. An athlete from a young age, he went out of his way to bring virility to dance on screen. He was just 5'7" but every inch of his body was muscle working hard under tight sweatshirts like the one above. I think Gene is one of the few Classic Hollywood men I prefer dressed down.

Singin' in the Rain and right into our hearts.
Not that he looks bad in a suit!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fun with Modcloth at #FashionTruth

Wednesday, I rushed out of work to catch Modcloth in Soho for their #FashionTruth Casting Call for All. It was an amazing little pop-up in honor of Fashion Week where fans got to have candy, talk to staff, and have their photo taken for a chance to be featured on the site and get some gift cards.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Wrote This Thing on Race and Rockabilly and People Got Upset

If you don't follow my blog's page on Facebook, you may have missed that the week before last, I posted a link to a piece I'd written originally for The Frisky about the experience of often being the only black person at rockabilly events here in New York. I didn't think anyone would ultimately care, really, but I felt I had a story to tell so I did. I was completely shocked by the outcome. My essay was picked up by xo Jane, a friend of a friend passed it on, several friends on Facebook shared it, and there it was.

I got a lot of really positive feedback, from friends, friends of friends on Facebook and in the comments. Generally, I do my best not to read the comments on things that I write outside this blog, but I broke my own rule. It was so nice to hear from others who shared a similar experience, like the commenter who she knew what I meant because she's almost always the only Asian woman in the mosh pit. People tweeted me about it; it all felt good. But, as with nearly everything on the Internet, some people found a way to be outraged.

My intention wasn't to play martyr, nor to bash the scene. I thought I went out of my way to make it clear that wasn't what I was doing:
Rockabilly is thought of as being a white thing. With Elvis as its biggest star, it’s already ripe with issues for some black people. I know I and other people of color I’ve talked to, were raised with the myth that Elvis publicly said black people were only good for buying his records and shining his shoes. Research showed me he never actually said that but in a way it doesn’t really matter. The damage is done. He’s a reminder of the way whites have long appropriated black culture. Add to that the fact that many fans of the music and the scene use the Confederate flag in their outfits and it’s easy to come away with the message “you don’t belong here.” By no means is rockabilly music or the scene inherently racist, and from what I’ve seen, on the West Coast the scene is heavily Latino. Still, it bears noting a white person once asked me, “But why do you like rockabilly? It’s not really a black thing.” (You can read the whole thing here)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

#MyVegasStyle, the Retro Edition

Awhile back, Vegas.com asked me to take part in #MyVegasStyle challenge. Bloggers were asked to put together outfits for a dream day at Aria Las Vegas. I immediately started dreaming of the old, opulent Vegas, where you had to have evening gowns and glitter and drama. I got gussied up for Viva, certainly, but with all the lights around me, I think I'll more sparkles next year.
Glammed up at the gaming tables, LIFE magazine, 1955
Here's a lady in Vegas who knows she needs to outshine the neon. So in the #MyVegasStyle challenge I was inspired by women and photos like this one and the 1960 version of "Ocean's Eleven".

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Omar Sharif

It's been too long since we've taken the chance to ogle some hotness for Monday Man Candy. I'm picking Omar Sharif this week since he's been in my mind since I had the chance to see "Lawrence of Arabia" on the big screen at Film Forum about a month ago.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reading the Movies: "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

I'm that annoying person that likes to read the book before going to see the movie if possible. That's the exact reason I haven't seen "The Help"--I just haven't found the time to read the book. I read "Anna Karenina", but not before it was out of theaters, so I haven't seen that either. But there are plenty of books I have read, which is why I'm starting this new series.

First up is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Anita Loos. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I read it about a month ago. It's a perfect hilarious short read.

Originally published a serial in Harper's Bazaar, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was turned into a novel in 1925. It's the diary of Lorelei Lee, professional gold digger, shopper and nightclub attendee. Her hobbies include champagne and Cartier. As stated in the opening number of the Jane Russell-Marilyn Monroe movie, Lorelei is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas but she makes a name for herself in the movies. Button manufacturing millionaire Gus Eisman takes her from Hollywood, puts her up in a Park Avenue apartment and "educates" her, buying her some books, yes, but also the aforementioned champagne and Cartier. Sometimes Lorelei hosts literary salons with important men who do the most unrefined things in her presence. Eisman also sponsors Lorelei and her friend Dorothy on a European vacation to London, Paris and "the central of Europe". All a part of Lorelei's education, you understand. That she talks a married English nobleman into buying her a diamond tiara is just gravy.
Original illustration of Lorelei and Dorothy
It's worth noting that Lorelei's hair color is never explicitly mentioned in the book, but the drawings that accompanied the original Harper's series and were later published in the novel make it clear that she's blonde and Dorothy is a brunette. Loos got the idea of writing about the airheaded blondes and their incredible power over the male sex after witnessing a bunch of smart men, including intellectual H.L. Mencken, lose their minds in the presence of a beautiful blonde.

Lorelei's adventures in the novel are plenty but the film, for the sake of wrapping things up in a neat 90-minute package, is a little more straightforward. Lorelei and Dorothy make just one stop in the movie, in Paris, and our flaxen-haired heroine also has just one serious suitor (though she still manages to get a tiara from a married Englishman). The screenwriters were smart, though. They kept some of the best parts of the novel, especially Lorelei's butchering of the English language in her attempt. And the gag about Lorelei trying to set up her less money-minded friend up with Henry Spoffard III is a wink at a major plot point in the book. Loos' original Henry Spoffard is a big reformer and moralist from a rich Pennsylvania family who spends all his time looking at smut so eh hem, he knows how to censor it. He's the man who ultimately gets conned into marrying Lorelei--and putting her into films, the main form of media he's opposed to. That he's just a little boy in the movie reminds us how easily Lorelei played him and the other men around her, in the book.

When looking about both versions of Gentlemen, there's no way I can pick which is better because they're both so different. The novel is brilliant satire of marriage, money and the movies, themes Loos was intimately familiar with as a prominent screenwriter for silents and talkies. The movie, on the other hand, is a warm and fuzzy musical that's perfect for when you have a bad day. I know it's one of my go-tos when I'm having a bad day. I'm filing both of these away as favorites (and waiting impatiently for someone to revive the Broadway musical the film is based on).

Friday, August 8, 2014

Retrofit: Hip to be (Lemon) Square

My life is settling down so I can get back to blogging. It has been far too long since I've been on here.

This dress, 1960s deadstock from Etsy, has been my favorite new dress of the summer. Of course, it shows me I definitely have a type, since this is the fifth yellow dress I've bought. I definitely need a break but I can't help it. I love yellow and I think it suits me. I made the joke that it makes me feel like a tangy, sweet lemon square.

1960s shirtwaist - Flannery Crane on Etsy
1950s fruit clip earrings - Etsy
Geometric bracelet - Lord & Taylor

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Please Hold! Back Soon

Things have been insane lately, but bear with me!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

All the Classic Outdoor Movies Happening this Summer

The weather has been terrible, but rest assured, it's summer. And summer means outdoor movies! It's going to be a great summer for classic movie lovers, since it seems like almost all of the outdoor series include at least a few older films in their lineups. It's one thing to watch a classic film on your TV or your laptop; it's quite another to have a real movie experience on a giant screen. I'm especially excited about the Bryant Park series. Check out what's in store:

Friday, June 6, 2014

"Bates Motel" Has Lots of Murders but Also Great Clothes

"Bates Motel" is an amazing show I don't think enough people are watching. It's not all over my Facebook newsfeed the way, say "Game of Thrones" is. It's kind of brilliant, the way the show talks to Hitchcock's "Psycho", its source material. It also based on a few books of the same name. Basically, the books and the show try to explain how a boy because an insane, mother-loving murderer-taxidermist.

It's a big question. I hope the writers spend several more seasons explaining it to us because I love this show.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Retrofit: Flowers by the Bridge, Plus a Book

A few weeks ago, I went to the Brooklyn Bridge to have some fun with a lovely photographer I met a few months ago. For some reason, he agreed to take some outfit photos for me! We have a great time.

Calvin Klein cardigan - gift
Hell Bunny skirt - Modcloth
Bakelite hoop earrings - Etsy

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Speedtyping and the Women Who Inspired "Populaire"

I finally watched "Populaire" on Netflix a few weeks ago. It came out in the States in September, so I’m way behind. It's a cute movie set in 1958; it has all the visual delights of Technicolor without actually being in Technicolor.

Star Deborah Francois plays Rose, who looks for all the world like a blonde Audrey Hepburn a la "Funny Face". Audrey's photo is even in the background in certain scenes, and her "Funny Face" dance is referenced, but with Rose in pink instead of Audrey’s severe beatnik black. A girl from a tiny village, she goes to the big city with dreams of being the ultimate modern woman—a secretary. She’s not very good and she doesn’t have a lot of experience but she types really, really fast. So her boss enters her in typing competitions, they fall in love despite being different, yada yada. It’s the kind of romantic comedy we’ve been seeing for the last 70 or so years but it’s still fun.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Viva Las Vegas: The Clothes

As much as Viva is about the music, it's also partly a fashion show. If you have a look around the blogs, women start getting their outfits together months in advance. Some even go as far as to not debut an outfit until Viva. I think it's a little excessive, but I can see why it's fun. Everyone wants to look good because you're being looked at, but you're also doing the looking, which means people are always stopping you to give genuine compliments. It's such a good feeling to be around all these women who get your style and who admire it; no cattiness at all, at least not in my experience. And there's no such thing as overpacking for Viva; you change so much, it's like being on a cruise ship. Oh, and the men! Looking great as well. A feast for the eyes, to see so many men scrubbed, pomaded, shirt sleeves rolled just so. It was magic. I miss it.

The car show is the day people put on their dressiest "casual" outfit. But it's not like that's saying much. For the first time in my life, I was wearing foundation every day because you never know when someone is going to take your photo. I still can't believe I was in lashes at the car show. That's the first time I've put on falsies before 10 at night.

I didn't go too nuts shopping for Viva. Mostly, I focused on shoes:

These great mules for pinup-tastic dressing up. Not great for dancing, though. I'm not even sure why I tried.

Sensible wedges for dancing, walking, and everything else.

Day Outfits
Pardon the terrible hotel lighting
50s circle skirt, Etsy
50s slingbacks, Guvnor's Vintage

Thank goodness for circle skirts! They kept me comfy in the desert heat, which I'm not actually complaining about.
60s hibiscus print dress at Frankie's Tiki Room, the cutest tiki bar ever
The pool is obviously open the whole time--The Orleans doesn't stop being a hotel just because a few thousand rockabilly people are running around--but Sunday is the big pool party, complete with band and a vintage bathing suit contest. But mostly I just drank and chatted with people.
60s hibiscus print tent dress

Night Outfits
Unique Vintage Lydia Dress

Nighttime at Viva is about cocktail dresses. But I found I didn't stay in those dresses very late because they were so hard to dance in.

60s cocktail dress, Etsy
50s rhinestone earrings, Pippin Vintage

I love this shiny blue dress from the 60s. It was a steal, but very sweaty once you start dancing. This is definitely one of the outfits that was on for the length of a a few songs and photos. Yikes. There was another dress I wore but I don't have photos of it. Oops.

I loved people get dressed to the nines but by the last day, I was exhausted with all the outfit changes. Besides, it took away from the bands. At the end of the night, I was either in capris or a comfortable skirt and my Keds.

Check out other great styles

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Viva Las Vegas 17: The Car Show

Phew! It took me about four days to recover from Viva, and I hit the ground running as soon as I got off the plane, so suffice it to say, I haven't had time to get my photos or my thoughts together. I've had time to settle down but the truth is, I'm still sort of missing Viva, especially since the weather here is abysmal. 

For four days, I ran around a hotel listening to amazing bands, wearing my favorite clothes and dancing until the wee (and not so wee) hours. It was so nonstop and I thought I was going to need to stop listening to rockabilly for a while but that's not true at all.

When I got home and dumped all my photos, I realized I'd taken more than 400 photos. Most of those were at the Saturday car show, so I'll start there.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm here! Viva Las Vegas 17

The blog has been quiet because I've been busy getting ready for Viva. This is my first time and I'm so, so excited to be here. Keep up with me and my friends via my Instagram, @itsdlovely. If you're here, send me a DM and we can try to meet up! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Where Are You Watching Mad Men this Sunday?

At long, long last, "Mad Men" is back for the final season (sob). I predict in this season he will finally try LSD with Roger Sterling (hence this trippy poster), and the season will end with Don Draper dying of a heart attack. But I'm getting ahead of myself! First, where to watch this weekend? Last year, I went to the Roosevelt Hotel's Madison Club and it was gorgeous, if a little hard to get an actual seat. My advice to everyone is to get to these parties early. And good news--they're all free!

The Madison Club at the Roosevelt Hotel, 45 E. 45th St, 7pm
Like I said, a gorgeous spot, where you can even order food! Costume contest, too.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Man Candy: James Dean

James Dean is the eternally young sensitive bad boy of your dreams. Those eyes, those pouty lips--he's a teen dream we big girls can get behind (but would ideally love to get under. Sorry, Mom). His untimely death at age 24 in a car crash (I'm 26; that's scary to think about) makes him that much bigger an icon of young, beautiful recklessness. What man hasn't wanted to be James Dean?

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's Official! I'm Going to Vegas, Baby!

It took me a while to make my plans but I've done it. I've booked my trip to Viva Las Vegas. A weekend of bands, of fabulous outfits, beautiful weather, tiki drinks and PBR is exactly what the doctor ordered. I'm taking it as a good omen that on the anniversary of my breakup, I will be dancing til 6 am in my favorite vintage clothes in a gorgeous Vegas hotel.

This will be my first time in Vegas, and my first time taking a trip out of state without my family. So I'm excited, but it's a little daunting. I don't know all the bands that'll be there and I hardly have any Bakelite jewelry at all. My bathing suit won't be vintage...it won't even be a cool repro brand. Will I stick out as a newbie? Maybe, but I know it's going to be an incredible time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

LOL: Fashion in "Fawlty Towers"

A couple weeks ago, I binge-watched all the episodes of "Fawlty Towers" Netflix had to offer. For those of you who don't know the show, get to know it ASAP. It is absolutely hilarious. John Cleese stars as Basil Fawlty, the grumpy busybody owner of an inn. He and his wife Sybil strive to make their establishment posh with the help of the pretty, young Polly and their Spanish butler and waiter Manuel.

The hijinks of the Fawlty staff keep you in stitches, yes, but their fashion is funny, too. It was the 70s, after all.

This is Mrs. Fawlty. She never met a ruffle she didn't like.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bad Love Advice from the Soap Lady

A while back, I told you guys I listen to old radio programs like The Jack Benny Show because I am a dork. It sounds corny but it's great entertainment. And sometimes, the ads are even more entertaining than the shows themselves.

The Lux Radio Theater mainly brought Broadway shows and movies to the radio. Lux was a big soap brand said to be used by all the biggest stars, like, say, the stars that were on the programs, of course.

I can't remember which radio-movie show it was, but I heard a bit of relationship advice that absolutely floored me. I had to share. It came from Helen Rowland, the journalist behind the syndicated column "The Marry Go Round". Ms. Rowland had a lot to say about what it takes to be a good wife but she was pretty famous for her writings on being a "bachelor girl". That's pretty groundbreaking stuff for a woman born in the late 1890s.

Here's what she had to say on one Lux program:

"You know, at heart I’m really an incurable romanticist. Believe it or not, I believe real love comes only once in a lifetime; all your other little loves are just false alarms. Life, after all, is like a poem. The most important thing about it is not that it should be long; it should be beautiful and interesting and that’s what love makes it. I don’t believe that a man’s heart or a woman’s either should curl up like a cat and go fast asleep after 40. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have love, companionship and romance as long as you live. But seek it with somebody of your own generation. Someone who speaks your own language and sings your own songs and doesn’t expect you to dance the big apple when you’re only gaited to a waltz. You know the real problem nowadays is not how to get a husband but how to hold on to him after you’ve got him. To find your mate, that is luck. To know him when you find him, that’s inspiration. To win when you know him, that is art. To hold him when you love him, that is a life work.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Gregory Peck

It's once again time for me to make your Monday a little less crappy with Monday Man Candy, a salute to gorgeous men of the past.

Gregory Peck is up this week. My, oh my, what a tall drink of water Mr. Peck is. Literally, tall; he was 6'3".