Friday, January 24, 2014

Join the #TCMParty

I do this kinda weird, dorky thing. When I come home from work, I make dinner as fast as I can, sit down, turn on the 8:00 movie on Turner Classic Movies and I tweet. Because whenever you watch a movie on TCM, you just use #tcmparty to see what people have to say. I find it's most active during that 8:0 movie but when I work from home, I jump in on the thread, too.

#tcmparty users have taught me so much about the films I watch. They're full of trivia and they just love movies. I come to look forward to sitting in front of my TV with my laptop, though most people would say that's not really the best way to enjoy TV. It's a nice way to get an extra laugh out of a movie or to have that "Oh my god, can you believe it?!" feeling with someone even if it's just you and the cat on the couch (although sometimes I swear my cat is as interested in the movies as I am.)

Want to join? Check out the Tumblr and the TCMParty Twitter and the Facebook page and have fun.


  1. I've never heard of this, thanks for the tip!

  2. I have greatly enjoyed TCMParty, and love your tweets!


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