Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Burt Reynolds

Sorry I skipped last week, guys. Things got a little crazy and I didn't get it together fast enough. That's why I'm hoping some lovely pictures of Burt Reynolds will make up for it.

If ever there was a wonderfully wooly sex symbol, it was Burt (you know the photo I'm talking about). It's not just the man fuzz; Burt has a great smile and even aged nicely into a silver fox in his fifties and sixties (he's 77 now).

Burt Reynolds, silver fox

I will confess the only movie I've seen Burt in is "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas", which isn't even the movie he got his Oscar nomination for. I realize this is a gross oversight on my part and I will do everything I can to fix that (as soon as I catch up on Downton).

Now, more photos! Careful clicking below; the some of these are is a little NSFW.

As Dan August in "Dan August" 

Here's Burt without his mustache. Not my favorite, but he still looks pretty kissable. Facial hair, Burt, facial hair!

I take a lot of issue with Cosmo as it exists today, but I would like to kiss Helen Gurley Brown's grave and thank her for this centerfold. That's a lucky bear skin rug.

And if the front isn't enough for you, here's the ass. It's perfect (and lacking in hair. Hm.).

So here's my gift to you on Monday, these glorious photos of Burt Reynolds. Who do you want for next week's Monday Man Candy?

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