Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rawr! Hot Mama Burlesque at the Kraine Theatrer

Last Friday, way back in 2013, I took my mother to her first burlesque show. My dad came along, too, but he said it was definitely not his first time at the rodeo. The nice people at the Kraine Theater gave me two complimentary tickets to see Hot Mama Burlesque, part of last week's 5th Annual Winter Burlesque Blitz (you remember I went to the Summer Burlesque Blitz. Three days of fabulous shows!) I chose Hot Mama Burlesque because 1) I'd never seen this troupe before and 2) all the women are mothers and since I was bringing my mom, it seemed fitting. I expected her to be maybe adorably mortified but I was actually the one who wanted to crawl under the seat.

But first, a word about Kraine Theater. It's a tiny black box theater in the East Village that's under KGB Bar, a dark divey, USSR-themed bar. My mother nearly had a heart attack when I tried to take her for a drink there. "I don't go to dive bars." Oh, mom.

Raven Snook was the MC and producer of the show. She was hilarious, raunchy, and she caught me and my parents in the second row; she made a lot of fun of us. And then she invited my dad and another lady onstage so he could win some show tickets. He won by groping her and I nearly died.

Enough about my parents. There were a lot of great performances in the holiday themed show. A lot of performers poked fun at Hanukkah. Who knew there were so many hilarious Jewish comedians in the burlesque scene? I wasn't sure I could take photos in the theater so I snuck some from the second row and I apologize if you can see seats and people in some of the shots.
Miss Ivy League led us in a sexy game of dreidel 

And then she got down to her underthings and threw gelt into the audience. Yum!

The best photo I could got of Dot Mitzvah was with her back to us but I really like this shot. I appreciated her sparkly menorah act.

But my absolute favorite act, which was also a Hanukkah number, was by Little Brooklyn. There was a fun cool jazz track and her voice with a thick Queens accent a la Fran Drescher in "The Nanny". In her beehive wig and Asian-inspired dress--the jokes about Jews and Chinese food were brilliant--she was the perfect yente. 

She kvetched about her sagging arms and aching joints then did a hilariously awkward old-lady strip. Genius. She even told us she got her shoes on sale. That's the kind commentary and comedy I love to see in burlesque.

Also notable was Niki Tiki's fan dance, which she did while in her second trimester. Not much of a baby bump; she's tiny! 

There were a lot of wonderful acts (more pictures below) but I have to say more than anything, I love the message behind the show. That a woman doesn't stop being sexy or sexual after she has kids, or while she's pregnant. That she can still have a raunchy sense of humor and can do something just for herself. I tip my hat to Raven Snook and her mamas. Great show, ladies.

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