Saturday, February 1, 2014

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I've been gone from this space for quite some time. It's because I've been drinking celebrating my birthday. From last Sunday through Wednesday, my actual birthday, I've been having a great time. And then I caught a cold. Typical.


Sunday, I invited friends and family to a boozy, dance-y very not elegant, not vintage brunch at Pranna. There was a lot of table dancing. Wednesday, I had a nice lunch with my dad and then tea with a good friend. I put on a Kay Windsor dress from the late 50s, a favorite of mine. I needed plenty of wool because it was so cold that day.

Nothing says I'm old and wiser than schoolmarm chic, amirite? Pardon the weird angle and look on my face; taking your own photos is hard!

I made it a little less demure with some backseam tights and really high mary janes by Call It Spring. I haven't made up my mind on "vegan leather" but I think these are very cute and they don't look so cheap.

I then did a complete change for drag bingo at Lips. Yes, that's exactly right--drag queens calling bingo and also performing. It was amazing. I wore a wool 60s dress with fishnets and these sky-high blue heels from Aldo I love. Unfortunately, I didn't get a great picture of the dress and its sweet little turtleneck, but I did get a photo of myself in a birthday crown onstage with Miss Ginger Snapt. Everyone celebrating a birthday, engagement or anniversary gets a printed photo card of themselves onstage. They wrote, "Happy birthday, hoochie! Love, the Lips Divas." I love it.

Her costume was magical. It was like Dolly Parton ate a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader

If nothing else, my legs look fabulous.

So I missed a week of Monday Man Candy, I missed a week of listings, but I'd like to think I had a fairly good reason. And now I'm back!

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