Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday Man Candy on a Tuesday Night: Jim Brown

I'm in the process of reworking the way the listings live on the site so there wasn't a "Happening This Week" post but I feel bad. The least I could do is give you some Man Candy, right?

So here he is, Jim Brown, a player for the Cleveland Browns who later became an action hero in movies. He retired after nine seasons and first appeared in 1964's "Rio Concho". Brown was also in "The Dirty Dozen" and "100 Rifles" with Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welch.

I'll be honest. I've seen none of these movies. But I have seen pictures of Jim Brown and that's enough for me.

I watch football sometimes so I know his rushing record is impressive but when I look at this picture I don't care, not one little bit.

He looks like a conquering hero staring into the distance, taking in all the new land he's about to win. It's great. I had no idea I liked football cards.

Who do you want for next week's Man Candy?

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