Friday, February 21, 2014

My Valentine's Day in Paris (Sort of)

I'm running on fumes this week, which is why my Valentine's Day recap is coming a week late. Last week, I looked through my blog for Valentine's Day stuff from last year, and in an uncomfortably prescient bit of foreshadowing, I saw I wrote, "I love Valentine's Day and always have. I was lucky enough to spend another one with my sweetheart but even if I were single, I'd still be sprinkling the world red colored sugar and candy hearts."

So a year later, I was single on Valentine's Day and I did my best to live up to this. I baked heart-shaped cookies with my roommate and enjoyed Dances of Vice's La vie Parisienne party with a good girlfriend.

See more gorgeous photos from the photo booth here

The gorgeous party was at the Down Town Association, a social club in the Victorian era. Huge staircases, beautiful iron wall scones--it was a dream, like something out of "The Age of Innocence" (beautiful movie, poor execution, but that's another post). Dances of Vice wanted to create a 1930s/40s masked ball in Paris, with hot jazz, matchmaking games, a photo booth, dancers and circus performers. Single people were asked to bring a pink rose to let other guests know their status. I had my pink rose but I didn't really meet any boys, not that I expected to, necessarily.


Pardon the crappy iPhone photos, but I wasn't about to lug my big camera to this party. I love that I had the chance to wear this black velvet dress from the 40s, I believe. It's so simple but so elegant. My mom and I found it in the $20 bin at a vintage store on Martha's Vineyard a little over a year ago.

I love these hilariously bittersweet candy heart ladies.

Clowns are some of my least favorite things, but this harlequin on stilts (!) was hilarious and very sweet.

I will say I was surprised there were so many people there; I think that's why there weren't actually any matchmaking games played. But the music was wonderful. Dances of Vice also gets wonderful performers that were kind of underused. The ballet dancers didn't get to perform, really, they just sort of set the scene. Same with the burlesque and circus performers. Still, it was a beautiful evening and after crying a little bit into my scrambled eggs that morning (getting dumped sucks, you guys) I was so glad I got to spend Valentine's Day with a friend that really cares about me.


  1. the 40's...a time when people really got together and had a great time enjoying life

  2. What a *fantastic* photo booth picture! I'm really glad your V-Day ended better than it begain, and it looks like it was a really great party.


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