Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bad Love Advice from the Soap Lady

A while back, I told you guys I listen to old radio programs like The Jack Benny Show because I am a dork. It sounds corny but it's great entertainment. And sometimes, the ads are even more entertaining than the shows themselves.

The Lux Radio Theater mainly brought Broadway shows and movies to the radio. Lux was a big soap brand said to be used by all the biggest stars, like, say, the stars that were on the programs, of course.

I can't remember which radio-movie show it was, but I heard a bit of relationship advice that absolutely floored me. I had to share. It came from Helen Rowland, the journalist behind the syndicated column "The Marry Go Round". Ms. Rowland had a lot to say about what it takes to be a good wife but she was pretty famous for her writings on being a "bachelor girl". That's pretty groundbreaking stuff for a woman born in the late 1890s.

Here's what she had to say on one Lux program:

"You know, at heart I’m really an incurable romanticist. Believe it or not, I believe real love comes only once in a lifetime; all your other little loves are just false alarms. Life, after all, is like a poem. The most important thing about it is not that it should be long; it should be beautiful and interesting and that’s what love makes it. I don’t believe that a man’s heart or a woman’s either should curl up like a cat and go fast asleep after 40. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have love, companionship and romance as long as you live. But seek it with somebody of your own generation. Someone who speaks your own language and sings your own songs and doesn’t expect you to dance the big apple when you’re only gaited to a waltz. You know the real problem nowadays is not how to get a husband but how to hold on to him after you’ve got him. To find your mate, that is luck. To know him when you find him, that’s inspiration. To win when you know him, that is art. To hold him when you love him, that is a life work.

"I’ve just been asked if I believe if it’s the hand that rocks the cradle that rules the world. Well, that may be so but it’s the hand that keeps itself white and kissable that gets the man. That’s one reason we women owe a vote of thanks to such a marvelous product as Lux. Because sometimes the loveliest hands have to get down to something as dirty as dishwashing and Lux flakes keeps your hands soft and smooth and make dishwashing almost like a beauty treatment.

"You know, it’s far easier to keep a dozen men guessing than it is to keep one man after he’s stopped guessing, and a man always stops guessing about you when you cease to be a power ornament and have become a kitchen utensil. But all your life long you can have love and romance. It may come in the springtime of life, all fresh and tender or it may come in life’s Indian summer. But if it’s the real thing, it never dies because love is not a fleeting infatuation, it is understanding flavored with sentiment, tenderness, colored with romance, comradeship sprinkled with stardust and that combination is immortal."

Stardust, you say? I hope they sell that in the soap aisle.


  1. that last sentence is everything!

  2. This is a fabulous quote. It's beautiful. I know it's cloaked in an ad, but it is still quite lovely.

    I also love old time radio. It's often more entertaining than today's forms of entertainment. Lux Radio Theater had some wonderful plays based on films of the day. Jack Benny is also hilarious. The comedy is timeless.

    I also adore Lux soap. I found some on Amazon made today. It still is sold in other countries such as India. It's the best soap I've ever used. I would recommend it.


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