Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Gregory Peck

It's once again time for me to make your Monday a little less crappy with Monday Man Candy, a salute to gorgeous men of the past.

Gregory Peck is up this week. My, oh my, what a tall drink of water Mr. Peck is. Literally, tall; he was 6'3".

At times charmingly boyish, others intense and masculine, he was always devastatingly handsome. But he didn't get by on his looks alone. Peck went to UC Berkeley, rowed for the crew team and got an Oscar for his lead role in 1962's "To Kill a Mockingbird". He even did most of his own stunts.

And oh, how I love his voice. A deep rumble that tickles your spine. The first time I heard him speak (in "Roman Holiday") I almost fell off my chair.

You would think all the good looks and charm would mean Gregory Peck would have a scandalous life. Not so. He had just two wives (nothing compared to Cary Grant's five) and even stayed friends with the first wife! He admitted to having a brief affair with Ingrid Bergman while they filmed "Spellbound" (he was then married to his second wife, who he stayed with until his death) but that's it.

Think you missed a spot. Let me help you with that.

 No underaged girls, no legends of him playing the piano with his enormous penis like his notorious contemporary Errol Flynn. If ever there were a man to have a celebrity crush on, it would be Gregory Peck. Handsome, tall and with the reputation of an altar boy.

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