Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Retrofit: My Leather Skirt, plus All About Bullet Bras

Saturday night, I went to a fabulous Wasabassco burlesque show and the company's newest home, Verboten in Brooklyn. It was a little chilly so I took the chance to get all tarted up in my favorite leather pencil skirt I got a fabulous vintage store in Martha's Vineyard.

Talbots cashmere sweater - eBay, for just under $10!
80s leather skirt
BCBGirls wingtip mary janes. I've had these forever

These are my accessories, my Red Burlesque lipstick and my red microwave. I thrifted these fun damask earrings at one of the shops on 23rd Street. The necklace is from Target.

Because it was a burlesque show, I sexed things up with these seamed tights from Peek Brooklyn.

And now a word on undergarments.

Notice my pointy boobs and let's talk about the history of the bullet bra. This is a staple when it comes to creating the sweater girl look, made popular by Lana Turner in the 1937 movie They Won't Forget. She prominent bosom and tight jumper earned her the nickname the Sweater Girl.

Lana Turner the Sweater Girl

Lingerie brands started producing these pointy bras in the late 1930s for women who wanted Lana's look, but the war held up production. After the war, these cone-shaped bras became extra popular, thanks to the Maidenform's "I Dream" campaign. 

The bra I'm wearing isn't vintage. It's damn hard to find larger-size vintage bras, but Exquisite Form has come to the rescue.
Exquisite Form 532 Original Fully Bra

Great quality for just $16 if you buy it from Orchard Corset. Busty ladies know how hard it can be to find a well-made bra for under 50 bucks. I'll admit it's not the most comfortable bra but it looks so damn good, I'm more than willing to suffer.

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