Sunday, August 24, 2014

#MyVegasStyle, the Retro Edition

Awhile back, asked me to take part in #MyVegasStyle challenge. Bloggers were asked to put together outfits for a dream day at Aria Las Vegas. I immediately started dreaming of the old, opulent Vegas, where you had to have evening gowns and glitter and drama. I got gussied up for Viva, certainly, but with all the lights around me, I think I'll more sparkles next year.
Glammed up at the gaming tables, LIFE magazine, 1955
Here's a lady in Vegas who knows she needs to outshine the neon. So in the #MyVegasStyle challenge I was inspired by women and photos like this one and the 1960 version of "Ocean's Eleven".


For a day spent at one of the luxurious pools at the Aria, I would need a one-shoulder bathing suit a la Bettie Page, who is conveniently featured on my beach towel. Cat eye sunglasses are a must, obviously.

For an evening in the incredibly glamorous Gold Lounge--which also has a picture of Elvis on the wall--I feel like you have to go sexy and dramatic. This 1950s Frederick's of Hollywood mermaid dress is just that. There's just something about those clear plastic shoes that I can't get enough of. They're kind of racy but they manage to be elegant? Good thing Miss L Fire carries repros because it's so hard to find a vintage pair in my size (trust me, I've tried).

A big thanks to for the invitation to participate. It was such fun putting this together! And maybe when I go back to Vegas for Viva Las Vegas next year, I'll have to stop by, if for no other reason than the gorgeous Gold Lounge.

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