Friday, August 8, 2014

Retrofit: Hip to be (Lemon) Square

My life is settling down so I can get back to blogging. It has been far too long since I've been on here.

This dress, 1960s deadstock from Etsy, has been my favorite new dress of the summer. Of course, it shows me I definitely have a type, since this is the fifth yellow dress I've bought. I definitely need a break but I can't help it. I love yellow and I think it suits me. I made the joke that it makes me feel like a tangy, sweet lemon square.

1960s shirtwaist - Flannery Crane on Etsy
1950s fruit clip earrings - Etsy
Geometric bracelet - Lord & Taylor

A simple dress with pockets? I will need about ten more of these. I'm slowly learning to slow, so this is on my list of projects to make.

I purchased these earrings maybe three years ago. I love their fruity goodness. I also love that on the backs they say "made in West Germany". A note about my lipstick: this is the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Harlow Red. Run, don't walk, to get it. It goes on smooth and creamy and this is a great everyday red.

My bracelet isn't vintage but it definitely fits the look since it has a 60s feel. Bottom line is, I wear this outfit all the time because it makes me feel really put together without my working hard.

What have you been wearing this summer you can't get enough of?


  1. love yellow! It looks great on you...and those earrings are adorable. :)

  2. Your sense of style is amazing- sweet, vintage, but with a modern edge. Or maybe that's your attitude??
    ; ) Glad you're back. BB2U


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