Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fun with Modcloth at #FashionTruth

Wednesday, I rushed out of work to catch Modcloth in Soho for their #FashionTruth Casting Call for All. It was an amazing little pop-up in honor of Fashion Week where fans got to have candy, talk to staff, and have their photo taken for a chance to be featured on the site and get some gift cards.

I love ModCloth and have for the last six or seven years. The styles are amazing, of course, but they're also really committed to interacting with their fans. Their involvement with shoppers is so real and so helpful; their online customer service never feels wooden, they respond to tweets quickly and are just all around great. And now with this Casting Call for All campaign, ModCloth is getting even more serious about body positivity and putting regular women in front of their cameras. Onward, I say--yay, Modcloth!

I didn't do anything too special for the event, outfit-wise.

50s blouse
Heart buckle belt - Slapback
50s skirt
Spring Step Shoes

It was muggy so my hair fell roughly five minutes after I left the house. I'm actually not sure how I haven't posted this outfit to the blog yet, since it's become one of my favorites. It seems that after having this skirt for three years, I've finally found the perfect top to wear with it.

And then I got goofy:
Swish, swish!

After the big photo, everyone took a Polaroid either by themselves or with a sign saying what their #fashiontruth was. My fashion truth is, "Metallics are neutrals."

In typical adorable ModCloth fashion, the mini photos were arranged in a heart.

I didn't get to talk to a lot of the girls that attended, but I did have a nice chat with Susan, Modcloth's founder. She's very sweet and her makeup was perfect.

Also, there was candy, but it went fast:

I think this is going to be a really great campaign for ModCloth. It's already drawing a ton of attention. For more information on Casting Call for All and #fashiontruth, click here.

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