Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Gene Kelly

Hope your sweet tooth is ready because it's time for another Monday Man Candy! After basking in the strong, continental beauty of Omar Sharif, I'd like to turn our attention to the boyish charm of Gene Kelly.

Gene was no twee matinee idol, mind you. An athlete from a young age, he went out of his way to bring virility to dance on screen. He was just 5'7" but every inch of his body was muscle working hard under tight sweatshirts like the one above. I think Gene is one of the few Classic Hollywood men I prefer dressed down.

Singin' in the Rain and right into our hearts.
Not that he looks bad in a suit!

Gene studied economics in college and later went to law school. Luckily for us, he dropped out to teach dance. With his moves and his voice, he moved to the stage. And oh, what a smile! What smile was ever so Hollywood-ready straight from Pittsburgh? A grin that crinkled his eyes sweetly or left them beautifully open so he could gaze into your very soul:

The song and dance man who cheered us up with his musicals, he could nevertheless be brooding and dreamy:
Publicity photo for Cross of Lorraine, 1943

This is the first time I've seen Gene like this and I can't even stand it. The weight of the world is on his hunky shoulders and I just want to free him of his pain!

And, lastly, we have to talk about his ass. Mom, I'm sorry, but I can't help it. You could bounce a quarter off his tight, dancer butt. It's asses like this that make football worth watching.

Gene Kelly's ass is so glorious, in fact, that there is an entire Tumblr dedicated to it. I highly recommend you go visit right now. You're welcome. And, as always, let me know who you want to see featured next for Monday Man Candy!

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