Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Ricardo Montalban

It's late--so late it's almost no longer Monday--but please enjoy this latest edition of Monday Man Candy anyway. I think this one is especially delicious. Ladies and gentlemen, Ricardo Montalban. Ay dios mio, que rico este hombre.

The insanely handsome Sr. Montalban was born in Mexico City but moved to Los Angeles as a teenager, where I'm sure he broke hearts of bobbysoxers just walking around his school. When he first tried to break into Hollywood, studio execs wanted him to change his name to Ricky Martin (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) but he said hell no and kept his own name. He then made history became the first Latino on the cover of LIFE magazine in 1949 (Montalban kept his Mexican citizenship for his whole life, which is an amazingly poignant f--- you to Hollywood and I love it).

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The coverline calls him "Hollywood's New Romantic Star" but of course what they really meant was Montalban was now MGM's go-to Latin lover (and Native American and any kind of foreign element a film might need). He even made a move with Lana Turner called "Latin Lovers". I'm rolling my eyes so hard right now. Typecasting is annoying. of course, and Montalban later proved himself to be a versatile, talented actor. However:

Why would you want to hide this body under some frumpy costume of a Serious Actor? The movie theater must've been packed to the gills with women and their bewildered dates wondering why they were being dragged to see a swashbuckling flick instead of a sappy melodrama. Duh. This is why.
Save me, Ricardo!

Like I said, Montalban proved himself in serious dramatic roles, but then he had some fun singing songs with the gorgeous Lena Horne in "Jamaica".

Also, once in a while he shaved:

And he liked boats or something:

So, with all this insane sexiness, did Mr. Montalban run amok like so many of his equally gorgeous contemporaries? No, he was married to the same woman for his whole life like he was some normal person and not a beautiful Hollywood star surrounded by gorgeous costars. Swoon! The only thing sexier than a perfect chest and arms is fidelity


  1. Wow! Great did I miss this guy? I remember him when I was a kid on "Fantasy Island". He had white hair then. Very Hunky in his day.

  2. Isn't he gorgeous?! He aged pretty well. Even on Fantasy Island he had a really strong, defined chest.

  3. The only thing missing from this was a pic from his last Star Trek gig- todavia BUENISIMO despues de viejo. Thanks for the background info, now BB likes him even more. BB2U


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