Thursday, October 23, 2014

My New England Shake-up Haul

I've never really done a haul post before because I tend not to buy a bunch of stuff at once. But when I went to the New England Shake-up about a month ago, I have to say, I did pretty well at the shops, especially at the car show. I thought I'd buy one big thing--probably a pair of Freddie's of Pinewood jeans--but I never found a pair in my size and I ended up with a bunch of small things:

- 1950s blue sweater from Miss Ruth's Time Bomb
- 1950s black beaded cardigan. I've wanted one of these adorable beaded cardigans for a long time! Glad I finally got one at a good price.
- "Bunny Yeager's Photo Studies": Gorgeous nudes and lots of advice for models and photographers alike.
- "Confidential": a pulp novel published in 1939. It's an interesting portrait of New York with a standard but still entertaining plot: a nice boy from a Presbyterian family in small-town New Jersey moves to the big city and becomes corrupted by women (one of them black, gasp!), gambling and drink.
- A midcentury decanter. I'm a sucker for vintage glassware and barware. It features conga players and women with rags on their heads dancing--standard nightclub calypso stuff. Unfortunately, I have to add my own rum.

Not pictured above is this adorable top I got from Julie Mollo, a really cool (very sweet!) designer here in Brooklyn. I saw this t-shirt on her Instagram and I'm excited to finally own one!

My @juliemollo tee is my uniform. Red lipstick ✅red nail polish ✅ black eyeliner ✅

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I also bought my dear friend this rare stoneware vintage Dunkin' Donuts mug as a souvenir.

Aint no clouds in this coffee! Thanks again @itsdlovely! #coffee #dunks #dunkindonuts

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So all in all, I'd say I did pretty good!


  1. Love all the goodies! Wish we could have gone. Next year maybe!
    Are you going to Viva this spring?

    1. Wild rockabilly horses couldn't keep me away! ;)


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