Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The New England Shake-Up Shook Me Good

At sort of the last minute (three weeks before) I decided I was going to go to the New England Shake-Up. It's only in it's second year but Beck, the woman who organizes it, managed to get together a lot of great bands for her weekender. That's a pretty big deal, since it happens in the middle of nowhere, Massachusetts.

I didn't do a great job documenting my trip, at least not with my real camera. But I Instagrammed a a bunch.

The Music

Like I said, the bands were incredible. Friday night, a new-ish band from Toronto called the Greasemarks took the stage and had so much energy. Extra points because they somehow managed to squeeze a couple lines of "Anaconda" into their set. Yes, that "Anaconda". Full disclosure: my friends and I spent a lot of time drinking with the Greasemarks that weekend, but I swear I liked them onstage.

The Modern Don Juans were as great this time as they were when I saw them at Viva.

I'd never heard The Bellfuries live before, but I plan on it the next time they're in New York because they were so much fun.

And Sunday night, I absolutely fell in love with The Millwinders. Frontwoman Sarah not only sings, she leads a lot of numbers from her bass at the front. This song, especially, is so great. I can't wait for their CD to come in the mail!

Check out this playlist of performers on YouTube. I'm sure it will keep getting updated as people upload and edit their videos in the coming weeks. As great as the bands and the DJs were, I wish there'd been more dancing. I expected to be limping back to my room after dancing, the way I did at Viva.

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The Car Show
The car show was set aside for Saturdahy during the day. The Shake-Up didn't have a ton of cars, but the ones they had were gorgeous. It was a beautiful day, if unseasonably hot (that's why I'm so shiny in the photos). I was toasty; can't imagine how the bands were feeling. When it came to shopping, the best deals were at the car show, too. Of course, I bought things in the vendor room inside the hotel, but I feel like I got some really great bargains at the car show.

The Pool Party
I rushed my packing and forgot my bathing suit, so at the pool party, I only really put my feet in the hot tub. Which is fine, I think, because the pool was mostly empty. It took a long time for people to even wander down to the pool, probably because so many of us had been up until 4, 5 or even later. It was less a pool party and more recovery time. But the music from the DJ (not sure which DJ that was--DJ Trash Only, maybe?) was so much fun. Thinking forward to next year, I think I would skip at least part of the pool party to take advantage of the Sturbridge Host Hotel's mini golf course and paddle boats.

Would I go back? Absolutely. I think the location and the size of the event--I don't have exact numbers, but I imagine there weren't more than 300 people there that weekend--is what gave it a sort of cozy summer camp feel. So much so that we spent a night sitting around a campfire around roasting marshmallows and tofu dogs. The cool thing about the Shake-Up is a band got off stage, you could be having a beer with them an hour later you were having like you were all normal people. The music, the scenery and especially the people were all wonderful.


  1. Tried to see your photographs on instagram but didn't work. I'd love to try this event one day. You are so good about getting out and about to all these social events:))

    1. I try to be! This was a nice weekend getaway, but there's always so much in the city.


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