Friday, February 28, 2014

I ❤ #noveltybroochfriday

I'm not sure how I stumbled across Novelty Brooch Friday but I did and I was instantly in love. Each month, people share their brooches on Instagram with the hashtag #noveltybroochfriday and the ladies behind Tunabake Times and The Fawn Times pick a winner of a fun brooch.

I don't wear a lot of brooches myself--I think I have only three and two I made myself--but seeing the sweet, creative handmade and vintage ones people wear has inspired me to start a collection. As the sort of dork who has Christmas socks, I find it a fun way to be festive.

I bought this brooch of Etsy a few years ago when I was doing a big presentation at my job having to do with food. It seemed like an appropriate good luck charm. Of course, I keep wearing it because I'm a foodie and I'm always hungry.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Week: Vintage Shaun and Dee Lioness Pop-Up Shop

I didn't do events this week because I'm in the process of reworking my approach but I did want to share this cool thing happening this weekend. Shaunya Hartley of Vintage Shaun is doing a cool pop-up shop starting this Saturday and going until next Friday in Greenpoint.

Vintage Shaun has an Etsy shop and she's bringing it offline. From what I can tell, she skews a little later than I'd like, a lot of stuff from the 70s or 80s. Dee Lionness, a jewelry maker, will also be there. I'm excited to check it out!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday Man Candy on a Tuesday Night: Jim Brown

I'm in the process of reworking the way the listings live on the site so there wasn't a "Happening This Week" post but I feel bad. The least I could do is give you some Man Candy, right?

So here he is, Jim Brown, a player for the Cleveland Browns who later became an action hero in movies. He retired after nine seasons and first appeared in 1964's "Rio Concho". Brown was also in "The Dirty Dozen" and "100 Rifles" with Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welch.

Friday, February 21, 2014

My Valentine's Day in Paris (Sort of)

I'm running on fumes this week, which is why my Valentine's Day recap is coming a week late. Last week, I looked through my blog for Valentine's Day stuff from last year, and in an uncomfortably prescient bit of foreshadowing, I saw I wrote, "I love Valentine's Day and always have. I was lucky enough to spend another one with my sweetheart but even if I were single, I'd still be sprinkling the world red colored sugar and candy hearts."

So a year later, I was single on Valentine's Day and I did my best to live up to this. I baked heart-shaped cookies with my roommate and enjoyed Dances of Vice's La vie Parisienne party with a good girlfriend.

See more gorgeous photos from the photo booth here

The gorgeous party was at the Down Town Association, a social club in the Victorian era. Huge staircases, beautiful iron wall scones--it was a dream, like something out of "The Age of Innocence" (beautiful movie, poor execution, but that's another post). Dances of Vice wanted to create a 1930s/40s masked ball in Paris, with hot jazz, matchmaking games, a photo booth, dancers and circus performers. Single people were asked to bring a pink rose to let other guests know their status. I had my pink rose but I didn't really meet any boys, not that I expected to, necessarily.


Pardon the crappy iPhone photos, but I wasn't about to lug my big camera to this party. I love that I had the chance to wear this black velvet dress from the 40s, I believe. It's so simple but so elegant. My mom and I found it in the $20 bin at a vintage store on Martha's Vineyard a little over a year ago.

I love these hilariously bittersweet candy heart ladies.

Clowns are some of my least favorite things, but this harlequin on stilts (!) was hilarious and very sweet.

I will say I was surprised there were so many people there; I think that's why there weren't actually any matchmaking games played. But the music was wonderful. Dances of Vice also gets wonderful performers that were kind of underused. The ballet dancers didn't get to perform, really, they just sort of set the scene. Same with the burlesque and circus performers. Still, it was a beautiful evening and after crying a little bit into my scrambled eggs that morning (getting dumped sucks, you guys) I was so glad I got to spend Valentine's Day with a friend that really cares about me.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Man Candy: Marvin Gaye

It seems fitting that, with it being Black History Month, the rest of this month's Monday Man Candy dreamboats will be black. If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments! First up is Marvin Gaye. I was clicking through something the other day and was struck by the beauty of Marvin Gaye's smile. So let's look at him together!

Once upon a time, Marvin Gaye didn't have a beard. He was a handsome man, very clean-cut and upstanding, like he could've been in the army.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happening This Week, 2/9-2/15: Ooh La la, Valentine's Day

It's going to be a great week, with lots of romantic, naked, fancy things happening for Valentine's Day, starting early in the week. I've added some fun rockabilly stuff, too. And as always, if I've missed something, please let me know in the comments or via email (

Wasabassco Sundays at Bathtub Gin
Bathtub Gin, 132 9th Ave between 18th St and 19th St entrance through Stone Street Coffee Shop, 8:30pm, no cover
Can't believe I still haven't been to this show. Medianoche, Nasty Canasta, Evelyn Vinyl, Hazel Honeysuckle and a guest lady strip down at a speakeasy hidden behind a coffee shop. Happens weekly.

Broadway Brassy and the Brass Knuckles
The Flatiron Room, 37 W 26th Street, no cover
Burlesque, comedy and amazing singing from Broadway Brassy, "the Golden Throat of Burlesque". She puts on a great show. Happens weekly.

Valentine's Speakeasy with Svetlana and the Delancey Five
The Back Room, 102 Norfolk Street, 8pm, no cover
Let the loving start at the beginning of the week! Free swing dance class by Brooklyn Swings.

Sin Pretty: An Excelsior Burlesque Tribute to Frank Miller
Parskide Lounge, 317 East Houston Street, 9pm, $10
For comic nerds and stuff, and people who've seen Sin City. I dunno. This is not my wheelhouse but Evelyn Vinyl and the other ladies taking the stage are good performers.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Slightly Abbreviated Happening This Week, 2/3-2/7

Basically, the snow ruined everything, which is why I'm starting the list of this week's fun with Tuesday. Sorry, guys, it's bad out there. Here's all the vintage, burlesque, rockabilly, swing greatness you need to have on your radar this week. Did I miss one of your favorite events? Tell me in the comments!

Tuesday Night Social with Dandy Wellington
Hotel Chantelle, 92 Ludlow Street, 8:30pm, no cover
Dandy Wellington brings his band to one of my favorite restaurants. Lots of swing dancing. Happens weekly (but double check Facebook)

Twin Peaks Tuesday
The Exley, 1 Jackson Street, Brooklyn, 8pm
There's burlesque for whatever your pleasure, including Twin Peaks, a not especially sexy show. This is a thing. Um, what? Happens weekly.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I've been gone from this space for quite some time. It's because I've been drinking celebrating my birthday. From last Sunday through Wednesday, my actual birthday, I've been having a great time. And then I caught a cold. Typical.


Sunday, I invited friends and family to a boozy, dance-y very not elegant, not vintage brunch at Pranna. There was a lot of table dancing. Wednesday, I had a nice lunch with my dad and then tea with a good friend. I put on a Kay Windsor dress from the late 50s, a favorite of mine. I needed plenty of wool because it was so cold that day.

Nothing says I'm old and wiser than schoolmarm chic, amirite? Pardon the weird angle and look on my face; taking your own photos is hard!