Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Are You Drooling Over Ponyboy Magazine Yet?

I was browsing through my Facebook feed this week and saw that Ponyboy magazine had just put out a new editorial. And I realized I hadn't written about Ponyboy on the blog yet, and that is a very bad thing. Sorry for keeping something so good to myself!

From the About page:
PONYBOY MAGAZINE is a NYC Vintage Inspired Online Fashion Magazine featuring men’s and women’s fashion editorials, people, places, culture, photography, music and style. Founded by editorial photographer Alexander Thompson and fashion creative Maria Ayala, this project was developed as a result of a love for vintage from past decades ranging from the 1930’s through the 1980’s, specifically the 50’s and Rockabilly culture.
Full disclosure: my good friend Xina Giatas styles most of the Ponyboy shoots and they're amazing. I would say that even if she weren't my sweetie. I am very jealous of Xina, as she gets to play with pretty clothes and talk to pretty boys with perfect pompadours. And Alex, the photographer, is a really nice guy who makes gorgeous images. He and his wife Maria interview some big names in the rockabilly scene, like Cash O'Riley and Bloodshot Bill. And the photos from last year's Viva? I die.

Viva Las Vegas 17

Ponyboy has also worked with some amazing pinup models, like Gia Genevieve, one of my newest obsessions. Had I not come across an Instagram photo from their Jayne Mansfield-inspired shoot, I might never have fallen in love with Gia. She's stunning and I would love to have her lingerie collection.

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All photos by Alexander Thompson

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