Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Mad Men" Mood Boards to Inspire Us All

Creator Matthew Weiner on set (via)

The end is nigh--"Mad Men" is drawing to a close after seven incredible seasons. To celebrate the show's swan song, the costumes and props landed at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens this past weekend. We've all loved the costumes for years, so it's really exciting to see them honored in a museum. A big part of the exhibit is seeing the inspiration behind the show, so it was pretty cool that costume designer Janie Bryant shared mood boards for some of the key characters with T: The Times Magazine.

Betty's mood board shows Grace Kelly, the ultimate dainty blonde of the area, plus other more ordinary women. I like what Bryant had to say about Betty's colors:
“I always felt that Betty’s color palette — winter whites, camels, pale grey, icy blue — not only showed the iciness of her character, but there’s also a richness to them. They’re also colors that portray the fa├žade of perfection.

That, of course, is really different from Joan's board. Her silhouette is completely different from Betty's shirtwaists, and the colors are much richer. Plus, her hair is bigger.

I cannot wait to make one of my rare trips out to Queens for this exhibit. Before planning your trip, check the movie schedule! Matthew Weiner has curated a selection of films that he watched as research for the show, gems like "The Apartment" with Shirley MacLaine.

Matthew Weiner's Mad Men is on view through June 14. For more information and film schedule, go here.

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