Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Viva Las Vegas 18: I can't believe I have to wait another year

Viva photobooth fun!

In the past month, (can't believe it's been a month), I've learned it takes roughly two weeks to recover from Viva. That's counting the time it takes to overcome withdrawal--you feel so sad you don't have bands or sunshine to look forward to--and to gett over the post-Viva plague. Days with almost no sleepand being around thousands of people leads to a nasty cold. File this away for next year: do not head out to Vegas without some Airborne or Emergen-C.

So to answer your question, yes, I had an amazing time at Viva, and I still can't quite believe it was a month ago.

To give myself some time to see the city (and the pool at the Orleans), I got in early Wednesday and that evening, I made it to Fremont Street from with friends. I like seeing it lit up and the kind of tacky, tourist trap-y stuff there, like two Chippendales guys charging $22 for a photo of them groping someone.

If I ever have a bar or a variety show, I will call it Glitter Gulch.

I spent most of Thursday in the hot tub and enjoyed bands at night. I took very few photos that day, but I did get a great shot in my fantastic gold lame pants.

from my friend Xina
Friday was another day spent mostly "off-campus" because we had some birthdays to celebrate. The first stop was the Peppermill Restaurant and Lounge, a neon treasure that could exist only in Vegas. I mean, look at this place. It was used as a location in "Showgirls" and everything.

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Saturday and Sunday

The cars! The beauties! Saturday's car show is a fun time; it's easy to see why thousands of extra people who aren't at the Orleans for the whole weekend come out. Dion sounded good but unfortunately, I missed The Sonics.

Sunday I woke up after just three hours of sleep to get to the pool to get a seat. I wanted to get a good seat because some of my New York friends were in the vintage suit competition! I love those two girls (in the slideshow), but all the ladies looked wonderful.

I wish I had more photos for you guys, but unfortunately, last week I lost 2,200 photos on my phone. And because my camera is big, I didn't take it around as much as I did last year. But here's my Viva trip in a nutshell. What the photos don't show, and can never really capture, is how energetic the music is and how friendly the guests really are. Top of my list (playlist?) are Switchblade 3, The Margraves, Jai Malano. Bobby Brooks Wilson, Jackie Wilson's son, definitely did his daddy justice, and the gentlemen at the doo-wop showcase were fantastic, even if they did had to be escorted onstage.

Did you go to Viva? Share your pics and posts in the comments!

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