Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm Not a Cat Lady, But a Lady with a Cat

You may or may not have seen the coverage of Girls and Their Cats, a really sweet photo project that is exactly what it sounds like. Photographer BriAnne Willis comes to your house, if you're a woman, and takes a picture of you with your cat. BriAnne is interested in the relationship a person can have with a cat, despite dog people arguing that cats just aren't that into you. My friend sent me a link to Girls and Their Cats a month or so ago and I had to sign up.

via Girls and Their Cats

This is Shaka Zulu, or Shaka for short.

He looks small in my arms but he's 15 pounds. I adopted him about four years ago on the suggestion of my then-boyfriend. He worked at the veterinary hospital where Shaka was and swore that this cat he'd found was like a dog: affectionate and not at all shy. I'd always found cats standoffish and thought I would get a dog when I was a more settled adult. Didn't get the dog--I'm completely in love.

I did fight the impulse to bring him home. Not only was I not making money, I was taking in a cat that had FIV. In some ways, it's similar to HIV in humans, but Shaka will be asymptomatic for years yet. Still, he spent two days in the hospital recently (urinary obstruction, something that's apparently pretty common and pretty deadly in male cats). It was very expensive and very scary, but I'm so happy to have my little fluffy home safely. It seemed right to celebrate Shaka's health with some photos.
Top - Rainbow
Skirt - Hell Bunny
It's easy to say that a woman who, say, talks about her love for her cat on the Internet is a crazy cat lady. But a couple years ago, I lived with a horrible roommate, one who completely ignored my presence. It made a difference that Shaka greeted me at the door every day.

BriAnne was incredibly sweet and took so much interest in my baby. I appreciate her patience. She kept cool, even when Shaka hid under the bed or hopped out of my arms. Check out her Instagram for more lovely ladies in their furry friends.


  1. I always love when you post a photo of Shaka on Instagram and I'm so glad to read his story and see his handsome face here. I am glad to hear he recovered from his recent health scare, I'm all too familiar with how it feels having your furry friend away at the vets and what a relief it is to have them home and healthy. How wonderful to have such sweet photographs of you and Shaka together (that last shot is lovely) and what a great project this is-- it really captures the special relationship between cats and their humans.
    Dogs are great, but there is nothing quite like the companionship of cats.

    1. Thanks so much, Randi! I'm glad you appreciate the photos I share with my little one.


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