Friday, July 24, 2015

"Every Woman Has A Beauty of Her Own": Studio Rezin (Part 2)

Last week, I shared a Q&A with boudoir photographer and fashion illustrator Michi Rezin. She's amazing, and if you can shoot with her, you absolutely should.

What's wonderful about Michi is she's both really open to working with your ideas. Elizabeth Taylor in her slip is "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" is iconic, so I started there with my inspiration.

I'm also a huge fan of Bunny Yeager, a photographer most known for shooting Bettie Page in her beach and jungle settings. Bunny loved playing with sheer nightgowns on her models.

Self-portrait of Bunny Yeager in a gorgeous sheer peignoir
1960s sheer robe
vintage bustier
modern Rago girdle
There are slightly racier photos of me wearing a different vintage sheer robe but, well, you know. I had a fantastic time and am now all about spreading the gospel of boudoir shoots. Do it.

A couple thoughts for your own shoot:
1) Research, research, research. This is a great time to go nuts with Pinterest. Research the look you want, the poses that are most flattering, and anything else. 
2) Talk to your photographer. Now that you've done all this research, you should share it with your photographer. You'll both be on the same page about what you want. Plus, getting to know someone before you strip down to your draws makes it a less awkward process. Find out if your photographer can help you with posing. I'm really lucky because Michi has done modeling as well, so she has a lot of great advice for helping me get the best shot.
3) Opt for slips and robes. You don't have to book a boudoir shoot and then run out to buy some tiny panties. I, and just about all of the women I know, can be a little self-conscious about my tummy. But a slip or a robe is perfect for letting you forget about that and focus on other parts of your body that you love. Vintage full slips are cheap and easy to find on eBay or local shops (I think I paid $16 for mine) and they're plenty useful. Another tip: steer clear of thigh highs. The elastic can give you a sausage effect. Try a garter belt and stockings instead.
4) Play a character. It can be a little weird to make sexy eyes at the camera but I think playing a character or having a story in mind is helpful.
5) You need more makeup than you think you do. If you think you look like a clown in the mirror, you probably did it right. Makeup just tends to disappear on camera. Top tip: be sure to fill in your eyebrows.

Those of who have done a shoot, have I forgotten anything?


  1. YAAAAS, honey! You look absolutely AMAZING. You do us chocolate girls very, very proud :)


    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it.


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