Friday, August 7, 2015

Retrofit: Tutti-Frutti

I don't know what it is about fruits but I love to wear them. More unexpected than flowers, they're still predictably cheerful. Case in point, this 1960s halter dress I bought from my friend Aly at Aly Rose Vintage.

Pensive and barefoot.

Pears, apples--nutritious and adorable. There's no label, so I'm not able to tell you much about the dress, but I know that I really like it. The cut of the dress is so great and it's really easy to dress up or down (change the heels, etc.). It's a light cotton so it's been perfect in these hot, humid days (the day I took this photo, it was nearly 100 degrees outside and I was sweating). I'd love to have more like it.

What are have you wearing this summer?

(Photos by Karen Newman)

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  1. This dress is amazing, so summery and so figure flattering! Lightweight cotton is definitely the preferred choice for summer, I've been wearing a lot of cotton dresses myself.
    Also, I just have to tell you that your pose in the first photograph is absolute perfection-- so sultry!


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